Joy Ride Bike Tours Amsterdam
Joy Ride Bike Tours Amsterdam
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The Cannabis Tour

Amsterdam is famous for cannabis and for good reason! Where else can you stand in front of The Royal Palace and ask a policeman for directions with a joint in your mouth?

If you would like to add a "Cannabis Stop" to any of our other Private Tours please just add the words "Cannabis Stop" to your normal private tour booking form. This may or may not add an extra hour to your tour time.

Marijuana is prescribed by doctors and distributed to patients via the normal pharmacies within the Netherlands, so we discuss some of the real medical benefits of marijuana. We also discuss the Dutch legal system regarding cannabis and how this could be utilized by other countries. Cooking, hashish making, and medical tincture techniques can also be explored if the guests desire.

For obvious safety reasons this hour is also offered as a walking tour. Please also remember that bicycle riding while intoxicated is dangerous!

We never supply cannabis to any of our guests. All cannabis in the Netherlands must be purchased from a licensed "coffeeshop". For safety reasons if you have never enjoyed cannabis before do not expect to on this tour, we do not allow "virgin users" to smoke cannabis on this tour.

This is only for adults 18 and over.

Private tours are available 7 days a week. We are often fully booked, so an advanced reservation and a deposit are preferred.

All our private tours are on high quality Electra Townie Bikes.

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