Joy Ride Bike Tours Amsterdam
Joy Ride Bike Tours Amsterdam
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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm not a great on a bike. Should I come on a tour?

We bike through the city of Amsterdam to reach the countryside, so you should be confident riding a bike in traffic. You do not have to be in great shape for our bike tour, as Amsterdam and the surrounding area is flat. However, you should be able to ride a bike for at least 23 kilometers (around 14 miles) without risking an accident. This means that you should not be a wobbly rider. We do reserve the right to refund your payment if you are unable to ride a bike at the level needed to safely complete this tour.


Where is your meeting point and how do I get there?

To get to our Meeting Point from the Central Train Station, we suggest taking a cab or a tram. A cab should cost around 10 Euros. Trams 2 and 12 go from the Central Train Station to the Rijks Museum stop, which is the closest tram stop to our meeting point. You can also take Tram 5 to the Rijks Museum if you are staying in Amsterdam Zuid. Walking from Dam Square in the center near the Red Light District takes about 15-20 minutes.  We don't have an office on Museumplein, but your guide will be waiting by the end "M" of the Iamsterdam sign with a large cargo bike decorated with flowers...and our logo! Click here for more details: Meeting Point


Should I take a Private Tour or a Public Tour?

If you want to save money and meet people, a public bike tour is for you! Our Public Bike Tours are for active people who want to have a great time. We ride with up to 15 guests from around the world. The tours take 4-5 hours in duration. If you do not like groups, desire a more bespoke experience, wish to stop for lunch, or wish to ride slow and stop at places of your choosing...then a Private Bike Tour is for you!


What is the maximum size of the tour groups?

For the Country Bike Tour, we take a maximum of 15 people. Joy Ride Tours has one of the smallest group sizes out of all the bike companies in Amsterdam. We feel that smaller groups are safer, and allow for a more personalized tour experience. If you feel you want a truly personal experience then you should try a Private Bike Tour. For our Private Bike Tours you ride at your own pace and we can work with you to create a bespoke tour. Please go to the Booking & Info page and request a Private Bike Tour.


What should we wear?

If you are not accustomed to riding a bike in the cold or wind, it is best to bring gloves, a scarf, and a hat. Better to have more than less! We have small side bags to carry these items. The weather can also change instantly in Amsterdam. It is quite unpredictable, so it is a good idea is to check the weather report on the day of your tour. Bicycle clothing is not necessary, but we do suggest wearing flat shoes and comfortable clothes. Sometimes the roads can be muddy or a little bike grease may be on the bike, so please do not bring expensive items (Hermes purses, suede jackets, etc.) on your bicycle tour. Our apologies, but we are unable to provide compensation should dirt from the country roads or bike grease attach itself to your personal items.


Should we bring anything on the tour?

We have bags on the side of our bikes for a small amount of personal items. The bags are not big enough for full-sized backpacks, but they are large enough for things like gloves, scarves, hats or an extra jacket. If you are going on the country tour, we recommend that you bring snacks or lunch that can be eaten on the go.


Why don't we stop for lunch on the public countryside tour?

When riding with up to 15 other Joy Riders, you will find vegans, vegetarians, hallals, koshers, gluten frees, lactose intolerants and a whole lot more. There is no way to successfully manage such diverse requirements. That is why we ask that you bring your own snacks to eat on the go. Also, Dutch service can sometimes be an oxymoron. Stopping for lunch with 15 people could take 30 minutes one day and an hour and a half the next. Service times can be totally unpredictable. If you would like to stop for lunch, please book a private tour and we will be more than happy to make that happen!


Do you have helmets?

Adults do not usually wear helmets while biking in Amsterdam, but we have helmets (M and L) and will be happy to provide them. Please let us know your helmet size in advance.


What if I need to cancel or need a refund?

Please note we are happy to provide refunds to guests who wish to cancel a bike tour. We must receive a cancellation email or message 48 hours in advance. If we do not receive your cancellation within 48 hours of your bike tour, you will not receive a refund. We limit our bike tour sizes and as a result we turn away many other guests in order to insure your reserved space. Therefore, we cannot offer refunds unless made within the 48 hour time frame. If you did not enjoy your bike tour in any way feel free to tell us verbally or by email and will happily refund your payment "No questions asked!"


What if it rains?

It can rain up to 200 days a year in Amsterdam. Locals ride bikes in the rain, and so will we! To insure your comfort, we provide complimentary rain gear on all of our bike tours. Sorry, but we do not offer refunds due to rain. You are welcome to telephone us (during business hours, please) to see if alternate tour dates are available should it rain on the day of your bike tour. If we have spaces free, we will gladly change the date of your tour. Otherwise, we request that any date changes or cancellations are done via email, minimum 48 hours in advance. We do not offer refunds for rain.


Do you have a follow vehicle if we get tired?

We do not have a follow vehicle for pick ups. We also ride to our destination. We do not drive our guests to the countryside. We are a 100% green company that uses the oldest renewable form of energy...foot power. This means we ride bikes on streets and bike paths to get where we want to go!


Do you offer hotel pickups?

Being a one 100% green unfortunately means we do not have a car for hotel pickups. We kindly request that our guests meet us at our Meeting Point.


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